BulletSafe IIIA Bulletproof Vest

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Available Sizes: M, XL, XXL

The BulletSafe Vest is the most effective and affordable bulletproof vest in the personal protection and security industry. As one of the most durable, stable and high-quality bulletproof vests in the world, the BulletSafe Vest provides Level IIIA protection, stopping bullets from all handgun calibers up to .44 Magnum—and providing stab-and-slash protection from edged weapons. The BulletSafe Vest is also upgradable to Level IV protection—which includes rifle rounds—with the addition of the BulletSafe Ultralight Ballistic Plate or BulletSafe Ballistic Plate.

This vest is ideal for law enforcement, security guards, correctional officers, process servers, armored truck drivers and anyone who might find themselves in a dangerous gunfire situation. Its sleek, modular design and 8-point elastic system allows the user to fit the vest for personal comfort. Featuring Action FlexTM technology in the shoulder and side straps for improved freedom of movement, along with wrap-around front-and-back ballistic panels and front and rear plate pockets, this vest can be configured for virtually any profession or scenario..

Easily concealed beneath a uniform or regular civilian apparel. When safety is paramount and you need the best protection for your vital areas, the BulletSafe Vest is the most practical and affordable option on the market today.


Level IIIA Protection
Upgradable to Level IV Protection with BulletSafe Ballistic Plate or BulletSafe Ultralight Ballistic Plate. Both plates reach up to Level IV Protection.
Removable, washable carrier made of 600 Denier Polyester
Action FlexTM shoulder and side straps
Black color
Wrap-around, Front & Rear Ballistic Panels
Front and Rear Plate Pockets with Flush Design
Adjustable and breathable



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